OffsetChangeMappingType Enumeration
Contains predefined offset change mapping types.
Declaration Syntax
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public enum OffsetChangeMappingType
Public Enumeration OffsetChangeMappingType
public enum class OffsetChangeMappingType
Normal Normal replace. Anchors in front of the replaced region will stay in front, anchors after the replaced region will stay after. Anchors in the middle of the removed region will be deleted. If they survive deletion, they move depending on their AnchorMovementType.
RemoveAndInsert First the old text is removed, then the new text is inserted. Anchors immediately in front (or after) the replaced region may move to the other side of the insertion, depending on the AnchorMovementType.
CharacterReplace The text is replaced character-by-character. Anchors keep their position inside the replaced text. Anchors after the replaced region will move accordingly if the replacement text has a different length than the replaced text. If the new text is shorter than the old text, anchors inside the old text that would end up behind the replacement text will be moved so that they point to the end of the replacement text.
KeepAnchorBeforeInsertion Like 'Normal', but anchors with MovementType = Default will stay in front of the insertion instead of being moved behind it.

Assembly: ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit (Module: ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.dll) Version: