CreateTextRun Method (startVisualColumn, context)
NamespacesICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.RenderingVisualLineElementCreateTextRun(Int32, ITextRunConstructionContext)
Creates the TextRun for this line element.
Declaration Syntax
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public abstract TextRun CreateTextRun(
	int startVisualColumn,
	ITextRunConstructionContext context
Public MustOverride Function CreateTextRun ( _
	startVisualColumn As Integer, _
	context As ITextRunConstructionContext _
) As TextRun
virtual TextRun^ CreateTextRun(
	int startVisualColumn, 
	ITextRunConstructionContext^ context
) abstract
startVisualColumn (Int32)
The visual column from which the run should be constructed. Normally the same value as the VisualColumn property is used to construct the full run; but when word-wrapping is active, partial runs might be created.
context (ITextRunConstructionContext)
Context object that contains information relevant for text run creation.

Assembly: ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit (Module: ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.dll) Version: