TextUtilities Class
Static helper methods for working with text.
Declaration Syntax
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public static class TextUtilities
Public NotInheritable Class TextUtilities
public ref class TextUtilities abstract sealed
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FindNextNewLine(ITextSource, Int32, String%)
Finds the next new line character starting at offset.

Gets whether the character is whitespace, part of an identifier, or line terminator.

Gets the name of the control character. For unknown characters, the unicode codepoint is returned as 4-digit hexadecimal value.

GetLeadingWhitespace(TextDocument, DocumentLine)
Gets the leading whitespace segment on the document line.

GetNewLineFromDocument(IDocument, Int32)
Gets the newline sequence used in the document at the specified line.

GetNextCaretPosition(ITextSource, Int32, LogicalDirection, CaretPositioningMode)
Gets the next caret position.

GetSingleIndentationSegment(ITextSource, Int32, Int32)
Gets a single indentation segment starting at offset - at most one tab or indentationSize spaces.

GetTrailingWhitespace(TextDocument, DocumentLine)
Gets the trailing whitespace segment on the document line.

GetWhitespaceAfter(ITextSource, Int32)
Gets all whitespace (' ' and '\t', but no newlines) after offset.

GetWhitespaceBefore(ITextSource, Int32)
Gets all whitespace (' ' and '\t', but no newlines) before offset.

Gets whether the specified string is a newline sequence.

NormalizeNewLines(String, String)
Normalizes all new lines in input to be newLine.

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