ReplaceElement Method (elementIndex, count, newElements)
NamespacesICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.RenderingVisualLineReplaceElement(Int32, Int32, array<VisualLineElement>[]()[][])
Replaces count elements starting at elementIndex with the specified elements. The replacement operation must preserve the document length, but may change the visual length.
Declaration Syntax
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public void ReplaceElement(
	int elementIndex,
	int count,
	params VisualLineElement[] newElements
Public Sub ReplaceElement ( _
	elementIndex As Integer, _
	count As Integer, _
	ParamArray newElements As VisualLineElement() _
void ReplaceElement(
	int elementIndex, 
	int count, 
	... array<VisualLineElement^>^ newElements
elementIndex (Int32)
count (Int32)
newElements (array<VisualLineElement>[]()[][])
This method may only be called by line transformers.

Assembly: ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit (Module: ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.dll) Version: